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A Roadmap to Federated Identity for Grids

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Full Title: A Roadmap to Federated Identity for Grids
Date & Time: 15 Dec 2006 at 11:00
Event Location: FCC1
Event Info: Following in the model of traditional high-performance computing sites, Grids have primarily built their own identity management infrastructure, distinct from the existing infrastructures already in place for users at campuses and other institutions. In order to scale and truly become part of the everyday lives of users, Grids need to integrate with the existing identities provided by user's home campuses. This general audience talks explains the issues, lays out a roadmap for Grids to leverage campus identity management, and describes ongoing work in TeraGrid to testbed concepts and technologies involved.

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1977-v1 A Roadmap to Federated Identity for Grids - - Computing Techniques Seminars
10 Jan 2007

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