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Enabling On-Demand Scientific Workflows On A Federated Cloud

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Full Title: Enabling On-Demand Scientific Workflows On A Federated Cloud
Date & Time: 06 Nov 2014 at 13:00
Event Location: WH One West
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Event Info: Speaker: Steve Timm, Scientific Computing Division, Grid and Cloud Services

The Fermilab Grid and Cloud Computing Department and the KISTI Global Science experimental Data hub Center are working on a multi-year Collaborative Research And Development Agreement. With the knowledge developed in the first year on how to provision and manage a federation of virtual machines through Cloud management systems, in this second year, they have enabled scientific workflows of stakeholders to run on multiple cloud resources at the scale of 1,000 concurrent machines. The demonstrations have been in the areas of (a) Virtual Infrastructure Automation and Provisioning, (b) Interoperability and Federation of Cloud Resources, and (c) On- demand Services for Scientific Workflows. This is a matching fund project in which Fermilab and KISTI will contribute equal resources.

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5470-v1 Enabling On-Demand Scientific Workflows on a Federated Cloud Steven Timm FermiCloud
06 Nov 2014

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