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3D Visualization of HEP Data and Simulation using ParaView for Debugging and Analysis

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Full Title: 3D Visualization of HEP Data and Simulation using ParaView for Debugging and Analysis
Date & Time: 03 Nov 2015 at 14:00
Event Location: Curia II
Event Topic(s): Computing Techniques Seminar
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Adam Lyon

3D visualizations of HEP event data and simulations fulfill important needs for HEP experiments:
* Validation and debugging of simulation geometry and events
* Visual development and debugging of reconstruction algorithms
* Visual analysis of data
* Pretty pictures and movies to inspire the public

Experiments approach 3D visualization with a large variety of tools, including Root/Eve, Geant and Java tools written for Geant visualization, and home-grown applications including those using gaming engines that run within one's web browser. I have been exploring a different option -- science visualization tools from the supercomputing community. One such application, ParaView, enjoys wide use and support at high performance computing sites, including the DOE Office of Science Leadership Computing Facilities at Argonne, Oak Ridge and Lawrence Berkley Lab. In my presentation, I will demonstrate the features of ParaView that are especially well suited to HEP use-cases, including validation of Geant simulations (especially for Muon g-2), viewing 3D event displays with stylish cardboard 3D glasses, LArTPC reconstruction development, and pretty PR pictures and movies. Given that ParaView is strongly supported by the DOE and a open-source based small business (Kitware), it is an important option to consider when choosing a visualization system.

Adam is an associate division head in the Scientific Computing Division and a scientist on the Muon g-2 experiment. He detests brussel sprouts.

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5647-v3 3D Visualization with ParaView (Computing Techniques Seminar) Adam Lyon Experiment/Scientific Program
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11 Nov 2015

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