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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
2336-v16 Fermilab Remote Access Policy Ron Cudzewicz et al. Policies and Procedures
16 Jul 2019
3978-v9 Fermilab Email Account Policy Irwin Gaines et al. Policies and Procedures
06 Mar 2019
3737-v1 Release Management Process and Procedures Alden Clifford et al. Release Management
01 Jun 2011
4321-v21 FNAL Central Web Hosting - Service Docs Peter Rzeminski II Service Level Management
Service Continuity
ISO Service
Capacity Management
30 Oct 2018
4311-v26 FNAL Networked Storage Hosting - Service Docs Ray Pasetes et al. Service Level Management
Service Continuity
ISO Service
24 Oct 2018
3536-v53 Configuration Management ITIL Process Documents Jack Schmidt et al. ITIL Processes and Functions
Configuration Management
18 Oct 2018
4313-v22 FNAL Video Conferencing - Service Docs Sheila Cisko et al. ITIL Processes and Functions
Service Continuity
ISO Service
18 Oct 2018
4042-v14 FNAL Foundation Service Level Agreements Robert Kennedy et al. Service Level Management
17 Oct 2018
1186-v11 Policy On Computing Irwin Gaines Policies and Procedures
23 Oct 2017
5696-v7 DAQ Systems and Cyber Security Joe Klemencic Computer Security
06 Apr 2016
3529-v3 Fermilab Change Management Policy Michael Kaiser et al. Change Management
23 Oct 2015
3738-v2 Release Management Policy Alden Clifford et al. Release Management
23 Oct 2015
4719-v2 GCC Load-Shed Plan: Summer 2012 Matt Crawford Availability Management
07 May 2012
3255-v4 NSF Proposal Preparation Guidelines Jim Weichel Grants & Federal Funding Projects
Project Management
27 Apr 2010
4698-v4 Enstore Small File Aggregation Feature User dcoumentation Gene Oleynik et al. Scientific Computing Facilities
Data Movement and Storage
24 Jan 2013
4913-v0 Incident Response FY12 Recap Greg Cisko None
21 Sep 2012
4915-v0 Web Content Publishing Joe Klemencic None
21 Sep 2012
4650-v4 FermiGrid and FermiCloud Update Keith Chadwick Shared Systems and Services
29 Jun 2012
4515-v3 Software For the Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab Rob Kutschke Experiment/Scientific Program
22 Jun 2012
4741-v1 Recent Development and Validation of Geant4 Hadronic Physics Julia Yarba Experiment/Scientific Program
High Performance Computing
14 May 2012
4501-v3 Supporting Shared Resource Usage for a Diverse User Community: the OSG experience and lessons learned Gabriele Garzoglio et al. OSG
01 Jun 2012
4734-v4 CHEP2012 Poster on HTDP with 100G Network Test Parag A Mhashilkar Scientific Computing Facilities
17 May 2012
4494-v2 CHEP 2012 FermiGrid Steven Timm FermiGrid
15 May 2012
4728-v1 glideinWMS in the Cloud Anthony Tiradani High Performance Computing
07 May 2012
4715-v1 Schedule for for May 1, 2012 Downtime Margaret Votava Neutrino Program
24 Apr 2012
4669-v3 IFDH Design Marc Mengel MINERvA
Data Movement and Storage
17 Apr 2012
4503-v2 FY2012 Tactical Plan for Intensity Frontier Lee Lueking Neutrino Program
FY2012 Tactical Plans
03 Nov 2011
4617-v1 Archiving Facility at Fermilab - Pilot Stuart C. Fuess et al. Data Movement and Storage
13 Jan 2012
4662-v3 Investigation of Storage Systems for use in Grid Applications Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
27 Feb 2012
4663-v1 Status of the Adoption of a SAML-XACML Profile for Authorization Interoperability across Grid Middleware Gabriele Garzoglio OSG
16 Feb 2012
4599-v1 Effort Summary for Production Gratia Collectors Upgrade to Gratia 1.08 Keith Chadwick et al. Shared Systems and Services
09 Jan 2012
4628-v0 Status Report Rob Kutschke Experiment/Scientific Program
19 Jan 2012
4415-v4 Service Now Training for Incident and Request Management Brian Mckittrick et al. Training Materials
04 Jan 2012
3527-v8 Change Management Tool Training Michael Kaiser et al. Training Materials
07 Dec 2010
3521-v1 welcome to the CAB Don Petravick Work Planning and Budgeting
11 Nov 2009

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