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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3978-v8 Fermilab Email Account Policy Irwin Gaines et al. Policies and Procedures
13 Jun 2018
1186-v11 Policy On Computing Irwin Gaines Policies and Procedures
23 Oct 2017
3172-v7 Fermilab Authentication Policy For the GCE Irwin Gaines Policies and Procedures
23 Oct 2017
2336-v16 Fermilab Remote Access Policy Ron Cudzewicz et al. Policies and Procedures
13 Jan 2017
3552-v5 Fermilab AV Notice Procedure Greg Cisko et al. Policies and Procedures
Computer Security
13 Jan 2017
1165-v8 Policy & Procedure For Authorized Access To Network Infrastructure & Services Philip DeMar Policies and Procedures
04 Apr 2016
5658-v1 Demystifying Point Releases Pat Riehecky Scientific Computing Facilities
General Computing Enclave
03 Dec 2015
5536-v1 Fermilab System Logon Banner Requirements - - Computer Security
Configuration Baselines
30 Mar 2015
5286-v0 Business Application Domain documents Kevin Conway et al. General Computing Enclave
21 Jan 2014
5160-v0 Interconnection Security Agreement (ISA) For Workday, Inc. Ron Cudzewicz Policies and Procedures
Computer Security
11 Jul 2013
4807-v2 Policy Prohibiting Web Server Directory Listing Irwin Gaines et al. Policies and Procedures
Computer Security
14 Jan 2015
5464-v1 C++ Standards Meeting November 2014
 Urbana Champaign - - Communications & Outreach
General Computing Enclave
30 Oct 2014
5352-v1 Build Service Charter (OBSOLETE - please see DocDB #5320) Steve Jones High Performance Computing
Minor Application
Experiment/Scientific Program
22 Jul 2014
5336-v1 Build Service Project Requirements (OBSOLETE - please see DocDB #5319) Glenn Cooper et al. Shared Systems and Services
Minor Application
22 Jul 2014
4667-v1 SLF4 Variance for FASIC Rennie Scott Configuration Baselines
23 Feb 2012
4640-v1 SLF4 Variance for minosgpvm02 Glenn Cooper et al. Configuration Baselines
31 Jan 2012
4600-v2 Authorization for Network Blocking Irwin Gaines Policies and Procedures
Computer Security
09 Jan 2012
4068-v1 AutoBlocker: A Netflow based traffic anomaly detector and blocking engine. Andrey Bobyshev Policies and Procedures
Computer Security
07 Sep 2010
3958-v0 Services and Ports Variance Engine Design Document Jerry Guglielmo et al. Configuration Baselines
02 Jun 2010
3911-v1 Fermilab Policies on Information Categorization and Access Mark Leininger Policies and Procedures
Computer Security
14 May 2010
3165-v4 GEANT 4 Hadron Validation Framework Requirements Sunanda Banerjee et al. Major Application
Accelerator Modeling
20 Jul 2009
3188-v1 Memorandum on Updated Guidelines for Decommissioning of Automated Data Processing Equipment (ADPE) - - Policies and Procedures
21 Apr 2009
2727-v1 Status of SRM (v2) support in SAM Andrew Baranovski Run2
Minor Application
Data Movement and Storage
25 Feb 2009
2134-v1 Personally Identifiable Information Policy (PII) Irwin Gaines Policies and Procedures
20 Feb 2009

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