Fermilab Computing Division

List of Groups

cspp_read CSPP Read Only Group
csi Central Services and Infrastructure
cd-dept-hds CS Department Heads
JDEM The Joint Dark Energy Mission
itpboard IT Policy Board
cd-smgt CS senior management
runbookro for read-only access to runbook docs for non-CS staff
prs Program Support Group Documents
CST Computer Security Team
facilities Facility Operations
itsm Information Technology Service Management
lqcd Lattice QCD Computing Project
scp-if scp-if read/write group
SSE_Projects Simulation Support for Experiments Group Projects
mis_security MIS computer security documents read access
cdleaders CS group leaders, dept heads, etc.
ese Electronic Systems Engineering
cspp_master CSPP Master Read/Write User
calorimeter Calorimeter R&D project and plans
IDSplans ILC Detector Simulation Group
grid-facilities Grid Facilities
grants Grant Proposals Group
cdweb General CS read/write group
EECommittee Environment and Energy Committee
cd-cp-jobreview group which has access to job description documents
fnalusers experimenters who are not Fermilab staff members
cspp_baseline CSPP Baseline Read/Write User
cms_po USCMS Project Office read-write user
intensity intensity
doe_panel DOE Panel
com com
compsec Computer Security
minerva minerva
cms_user USCMS read-write user
docdbadm DocDB Administrators
fnalstaff Read-only group for people with Fermilab certs or accounts
cdf CDF
cspp_ma CSPP MA Read/Write User
net Site Networking Documents
auth Authentication Services group
cspp CSPP Rewrite Committee
fermigrid FermiGrid group
docents docents
fnaldir Fermilab Senior Management
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