Site Backup Customer Requests

This page is intended to provide potential customers with information regarding the site-wide backup service offered by the Computing Division Core Support Service Department. A more detailed description of the Site Backup System (SBS) is documented in Site Backup Design Note. The guidelines presented here may change as the design and functionality of the backup system evolves.
  1. Site Backup Participation.
  2. To participate in site backups open a request with the Computing Division helpdesk. A CSS Backup representative will then contact you about your backup needs and a Service Level Agreeement between you and CSS will be created.

  3. Restore Requests.
  4. Restore requests will be made through the Computing Division helpdesk. Restore requests should include the following information: hostname (if known), directory and file(s) to restore. If the file is to be restored to an alternate location that information needs to be included in the ticket. User data restore requests will be completed within 24 hours of the initial request based on 8x5x5 support. Off hour system restores for 24x7 systems can be provided and should be discussed with the CSS Backup representative.

  5. No individual Laptop's or Desktop's will be backed up.
  6. CSS does not support backing up individual desktops or laptops. Desktops configured as part of a cluster will be considered and should be discussed with a CSS Backup representative.

  7. Database Backup Issues.
  8. The Site Backup System does not provide a native backup module for databases (Oracle, MySQL, SQL, etc). Database backups can be provided via file dumps but are dependant on changes to the database, size, etc. Database backup requests should be discussed with a CSS Backup representative.

  9. Point of Contact. (POC)

    Customers are required to provide at least one (1) point of contact for backup issues. These issues include but are not limited to:

    • Coordination of backup software installation on client systems
    • Notification of backup problems
    • Assisting in toubleshooting backup problems.

    The person designated as point of contact must have root/administrator access or it's equivalent for each machine the customer wishes to have backed up. It is strongly suggested that at least two (2) points of contact be provided so that one can back up the other.

  10. Unexpected Large Data Changes
  11. SBS is a true incremental backup system. The system assumes one full network backup is taken and then all backups after that are incremental. Incremental backups assume that daily changes in data will not exceed 10%. If the daily delta is greater than this amount, the customer POC will be contacted and the contract will need to be renegotiated. If, because of the unusual amount of daily delta there is severe disruption to the backup service, the service providers have the right to suspend backups for the offending system(s) until an agreement can be met.

  12. Failed Backups
  13. The customer POC will recieve notice, via email, on the status of nightly backup jobs.Backup problems which require investigation on the customer's machine must be done by the customer. CSS is responsible for investigating problems with the central backup system and reporting to the customer POC any information which may help in debugging the problem. In addition, if the service provider determines that the failed backup is due to a problem in the central service, than an email will be sent out to the customer POC indicating the failure, any solutions and or fixes applied, and any reprocussions due to the failure.

  14. Disabling Backups
  15. CSS may suspend backups for a node that has failed to properly backup for more than 3 days if the reason for the failure is not the TIBS system. The POC is expected to repair the system so backups can properly run. Systems that are unreliable can cause delays and issues with the backup systems for all the customers.

  16. Cost of Backup Service
  17. Customers will be billed based on the entire amount of data that is backed up for the customer. The pricing policy is tier based and assumes the customer will stay within their tier for the duration of agreement with CSS. If the customer's data grows at a pace which places them two (2) tiers above their initial tier pricing, CSS may require additional funding from the customer. These agreements will be reviewed and renewed on a yearly basis. This will keep the agreements current with the customers needs.

    The pricing is based on the cost of tape (plus labels and cleaning media). We keep 4 copies of mirrored fulls. We keep 12 copies of mirrored monthlies. We keep 14 copies of weeklies and 56 copies of daily incrementals. As you can see it takes many tapes to make a complete backup for a year that is robust and mirrored. The following table summerizes the costs of media to backup your data.

    Data Size Cost
    less than 250GB $1250
    250GB - 500GB $2500
    500GB - 750GB $4750
    750GB - 1TB $5000
    1TB - 1.25TB $6250
    1.25TB + $7500 + $1250 for each increment of 250GB over 1.5TB