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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
5754-v4 Landscape Program Requirements and Architecture Joe Boyd et al. FIFE
09 Dec 2016
5881-v1 FIFE Batch System Analytics with Kibana Kevin M. Retzke FIFE
06 Dec 2016
5879-v1 Monitoring Large-Scale Scientific Computing with Grafana Kevin M. Retzke Education and Outreach
02 Dec 2016
5819-v1 The FIFE Project at Fermilab: Computing for Experiments Joe Boyd et al. FIFE
11 Aug 2016
5756-v2 Fifemon User Guide Kevin M. Retzke FIFE
21 Jun 2016
5757-v1 Comprehensive Grid and Job Monitoring with Fifemon Kevin M. Retzke FIFE
19 May 2016
5618-v1 OPOS: Towards a Common Production Service for Neutrino Experiments at Fermilab Paola Buitrago FIFE
01 Oct 2015
5432-v3 Progress on the Fabric for Frontier Experiments Project at Fermilab Michael H Kirby High Performance Computing
14 May 2015
5483-v1 Sam User Guide Robert Illingworth et al. Data Movement and Storage
Scientific Computing Facilities
01 Dec 2014
5435-v0 JobSub: Scaling a Job Submission Infrastructure using a 3-Tier Architecture Parag A Mhashilkar Grid
16 Oct 2014
5329-v1 ISGC 2014: On-demand Services for the Scientific Program at Fermilab Gabriele Garzoglio FermiCloud
26 Mar 2014
5328-v1 ISGC 2014: FabrIc for Frontier Experiments at Fermilab Gabriele Garzoglio FIFE
26 Mar 2014
5304-v1 Initial notes about Scoreboard Tanya Levshina et al. High Performance Computing
14 Feb 2014
5180-v4 FIFE Architecture Design Report - - Run2
Neutrino Program
Muon Program
04 Feb 2014
5083-v1 The Fabric for Frontier Experiments Project at Fermilab Michael H Kirby et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
Neutrino Program
Scientific Liaisons
11 Nov 2013
5156-v1 FIFE Architecture and Scientific Databases Igor Mandrichenko Neutrino Program
03 Jul 2013
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