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5304-v1 Initial notes about Scoreboard Tanya Levshina et al. High Performance Computing
14 Feb 2014
5303-v1 Evaluation of XDMoD Marco Mambelli High Performance Computing
14 Feb 2014
5074-v2 Grid Accounting Service: State and Future Development Tanya Levshina et al. OSG
30 Oct 2013
4809-v1 Siyuan Ma Technical Report Summer 2012 Unknown FermiCloud
08 Aug 2012
4599-v1 Effort Summary for Production Gratia Collectors Upgrade to Gratia 1.08 Keith Chadwick et al. Shared Systems and Services
09 Jan 2012
4580-v1 Open Nebula Accounting and Gratia Tanya Levshina et al. FermiCloud
13 Dec 2011
4570-v1 MOU between FNAL CD and Nebraska RCF for Support of Gratia Eileen Berman et al. External MOUs
01 Dec 2011
3865-v1 Gratia: New Challenges in Grid Accounting. Philippe Canal et al. OSG
22 Sep 2011
3928-v1 Root Cause Analysis of INC000000032544 "Open Science Grid: OSG Display Data Issue" Dmitry Litvintsev ITIL Processes and Functions
21 May 2010
3356-v4 FermiGrid - Gratia Hardware Evolution Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
29 Apr 2010
3598-v1 Gratia University Collector Hardware Specifications Keith Chadwick et al. OSG
11 Feb 2010
3002-v0 Gratia: Interpreting Grid Usage Data In a Shared Environment. Philippe Canal et al. Grid
12 Nov 2008
2755-v1 GRATIA INTERNAL ASSESSMENT RECOMMENDATIONS PRESENTATION Philippe Canal et al. Computing Infrastructure
02 Jul 2008
2646-v1 OSG Accounting System Requirements Ruth Pordes OSG
18 Apr 2008
2611-v4 Gratia: Process Accounting Requirements – Draft Philippe Canal et al. Farms
11 Mar 2008
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