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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3274-v7 Service Level Management ITIL Process Documents (Published) Jack Schmidt et al. ITIL Processes and Functions
Service Level Management
28 Oct 2012
4047-v1 Capacity Management Policy, Process & Procedures Document Ray Pasetes Capacity Management
01 Jun 2011
6227-v2 Employee Records Management Handbook Heath B O'Connell Records Management
12 Jun 2018
6158-v1 Charge on Future Data Management 28 Aug, 2017 Michael H Kirby et al. Data Management
28 Aug 2017
3450-v1 Configuration Management, Policies and Procedures Presentation Don Petravick Configuration Management
Training & Education
Tune IT Up
23 Oct 2015
5495-v1 Measurement of Service Availability and Evaluation of Algorithms for Selection of Target Service Availability Keith Chadwick ITIL Processes and Functions
Availability Management
23 Feb 2015
5424-v1 Budget and Planning System (BPS) program documents Julie Marsh Project Management
24 Sep 2014
5073-v1 Public Storage for the Open Science Grid Tanya Levshina OSG
30 Oct 2013
4668-v1 Records Management for Service Support Tim Currie Policies and Procedures
Document Management
CS Office & Governance
23 Feb 2012
4516-v1 Evolution of Identity Management in OSG Mine Altunay High Performance Computing
31 Oct 2011
4363-v1 ISO 20K---Word from the Front Lines Tim Currie ITIL Processes and Functions
Education and Outreach
29 Jun 2011
4355-v1 Administrative File Plan Griselda Lopez Records Management
10 Jun 2011
3485-v0 Root Cause Analysis for PBI000000000057 CDF dCache prolonged outage incident 09/22/2009-09/23/2009 Angela Bellavance et al. Problem Management
09 Oct 2009
3412-v1 FY10 Tactical Plan for Project Management and QA Bill Boroski FY2010 Tactical Plans
18 Sep 2009
3456-v1 ECS Change Management Presentation Scott W Nolan Change Management
01 Oct 2009
3386-v1 Phase II Asset Management Deliverables Anil Garg Shared Systems and Services
Asset Management
10 Sep 2009
3188-v1 Memorandum on Updated Guidelines for Decommissioning of Automated Data Processing Equipment (ADPE) - - Policies and Procedures
21 Apr 2009
3098-v1 Phase I Asset Management Deliverables Anil Garg Shared Systems and Services
Asset Management
13 Feb 2009
2982-v4 VOMRS/VOMS Utilization Patterns And Convergence Plan Andrea Ceccanti et al. Grid
11 Nov 2008
1288-v1 ReSS relationship to OSG Services Gabriele Garzoglio OSG
19 Oct 2006
1424-v2 SRM Status Timur Perelmutov Data Movement and Storage
18 Apr 2006
1308-v1 Interlab 2005 - Fermilab Computing Division’s Information Management System Penelope Constanta Information Management
04 Jan 2006
657-v0 UCM Product Documentation Peter Kasper Legacy Software Products
27 Jul 2005
519-v1 Network Information and Management Infrastructure Project Matt Crawford et al. None
27 Sep 2004
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