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Virtual Machines in Distributed Environments

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21 Sep 2006, 11:38
The free availability and the wide recognition of the benefits of virtualization software are quickly turning virtual machines into a staple of commodity computer systems and systems software. It is imminently possible and desirable to use virtual machines as first-class entities in the creation and management of wide-area distributed systems for Grid-computing, enterprise computing, distributed datacenters and other commercial and business-oriented applications. This talk provides a general introduction of work done at the ACIS lab and, in particular, elaborates on research and development of middleware for the creation and management of virtual grids. I will briefly introduce the In-VIGO middleware system which provides the practical context for the research (In-VIGO stands for In Virtual Information Grid Organizations). This middleware effort has lead to the deployment of several operational systems, a noteworthy example being the NanoHUB system for nanoelectronics simulation. I will describe approaches to network virtualization that enable the aggregation of virtual and physical machines into virtual grids. These approaches enable the existing of multiple isolated virtual networks of virtual and physical machines and can support secure, dynamic and auditable network-computing environments. Time permitting, approaches to autonomic computing, application virtualization and file system virtualization within virtual grids will be briefly presented.

Speaker: Jose A.B. Fortes, ACIS Laboratory, University of Florida

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Virtual Machines in a Distributed Environment held on 19 Sep 2006 in FCC1
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