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Building the Next Generation of Web Applications with ASP.NET "Atlas"

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06 Nov 2006, 11:59
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06 Nov 2006, 11:59
Tired of postbacks taking precious seconds away from your Web app’s performance? Do users complain about slow-loading pages? Are you wondering what the AJAX buzz is all about? Join us to learn how you can take advantage of ASP.NET 2.0’s new AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) framework – code-named “Atlas”– to build next-generation Web applications. This presentation starts with an overview of the Atlas architecture, along with associated scenarios and discussion of the AJAX programming model. We’ll cover how to use Atlas to both enhance new or existing ASP.NET applications using the familiar server control approach, as well as how to create applications that incorporate AJAX, Web services and rich DHTML-based user experiences.

<strong>Authors:</strong> William Steele
<strong>Institution:</strong> Microsoft Corporation

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InterLab 06 held on 25 Oct 2006 in Fermilab
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