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Implementing an Open Source Web-Based CRM for Fermilab's Community Envoy Program

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06 Nov 2006, 12:09
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06 Nov 2006, 12:09
In the 1980's, when the Department of Energy proposed Fermilab as a possible site for the Superconducting Super Collider, a local citizens group spearheaded community opposition to the project. "Fermilab is no longer a good neighbor," proclaimed a full-page newspaper advertisement sponsored by CATCH, or Citizens Against the Collider Here. Fermilab doesn't want to make the same mistake twice. That's one reason why Fermilab has instituted a Community Envoy Program. The main goal of the program, however, is to create and maintain meaningful relationships with people in the surrounding communities. Designed as a program that matches up employees with key stakeholders, such as mayors and school superintendents, the envoys will provide information about the lab, receive meaningful feedback and become the stakeholders' personal connections to Fermilab. In order to track progress, communication and feedback for this program, Xeno Media implemented and customized an open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product, SugarCRM. This presentation will discuss the selection process, features, challenges and overall suitability of the model for "constituent" rather than "customer" relationship management.

<strong>Authors:</strong> Kevin Munday
<strong>Institution:</strong> Xeno Media

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InterLab 06 held on 25 Oct 2006 in Fermilab
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