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Using the Internet to Facilitate Citizen Participation in Environmental Decision-Making

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06 Nov 2006, 12:22
Argonne National Laboratory's Environmental Science Division (EVS) has utilized both the World Wide Web and e-mail to foster public participation in environmental decision-making since 1996. The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 requires that Federal agencies involve public stakeholders in the development of environmental impact statements (EISs). Public involvement programs for EIS projects have traditionally relied primarily on public meetings and paper-based mailings to disseminate EIS information and documents to public stakeholders, and to obtain comments and information from stakeholders concerning the scope and content of the EIS. Paper- and meeting-based public involvement programs are relatively expensive, and are often limited to stakeholders located near meeting locations. Internet-based public involvement programs utilize Web sites for near-zero unit cost for distribution of EIS documents and information, regardless of stakeholder location. Web-based commenting facilitates efficient electronic processing of public comments, while e-mail can be used effectively to notify interested stakeholders of important project news and events. This presentation will discuss the major components of EVS's Internet-based public involvement programs and their application to several major EIS projects. EVS's experience has shown that Internet-based public involvement applications are particularly effective for EISs that concern projects of regional or national scope and/or interest.

<strong>Authors:</strong> Robert Sullivan, Pamela Richmond, and Thomas Kotek
<strong>Institution:</strong> Argonne National Laboratory

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InterLab 06 held on 25 Oct 2006 in Fermilab
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