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CSS Positioning vs. HTML Tables: Help!

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06 Nov 2006, 12:39
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06 Nov 2006, 12:39
The World Wide Web Consortium created a very useful tool when they developed cascading style sheets (CSS) for use with HTML pages. No more hours spent changing background colors throughout my entire website, no more switching fonts from Times New Roman to Arial – and taking practically all day to do it. With CSS, it takes just one change to one page, and my site is modified and gorgeous. CSS had made my life as a web designer so much easier. Or has it? CSS are fine for simple presentation items, but when it comes to positioning elements on a web page, CSS fails. I have spent hours designing sites, trying to get a block of text to stay where I put it. On my computer, through Internet Explorer, the positioning is almost perfect. If I open the same page in Firefox or Netscape, the design breaks. I’ll then change the design and try again. But so often, I give up, break the rules and plop my elements in a table, frustrated and bewildered. In this presentation, I will compare and contrast CSS positioning with HTML tables. I will look for answers and welcome input on how to solve my dilemma.

<strong>Authors:</strong> Jean Reising
<strong>Institution:</strong> Fermilab

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InterLab 06 held on 25 Oct 2006 in Fermilab
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