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CDF SVXII Detector is being developed for Run II

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Selitha Raja
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Selitha Raja
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14 Jun 2007, 15:20
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The CDF SVXII Detector is being developed for Run II at Fermilab.

An assembly tracking database is being used to track the assembly of the
various parts of the detector. The database is based on Matrix, a
commercial Product Data Management product which is implemented on top
of Oracle and augmented with perl-based web pages.

The usage of the database in the assembly of the detector will be
described. Experiences with its implementation will be given.
Comparisions will be made with discussions given in the CHEP98 paper
( http://fncduh.fnal.gov/~ritchie/svxii/svxc98/svxatd.html ).

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CHEP2000 held on 13 Jun 2000 in Padova, Italy
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