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ROOT at Run II

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14 Jun 2007, 15:34
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Following a comprehensive understanding of the requirements for a Physics
Analysis, Fermilab adopted the use of ROOT for the Collider Experiments,
CDF and D0 use in the upcoming data-taking run - Run II. To meet the
needs of the experiments Fermilab has entered into collaboration with the Root
Development Team. Following a workshop of the US HENP Users of ROOT in
March 1999, the Fermilab Computing Division agreed to contribute to

various areas of the development and support of ROOT.

In this paper we will review the contributions we have made and plan to
make to the ROOT collaboration. These include the new script compiler, the

integration of CLHEP's physics, collaboration on self-describing file format. A key
requirement of D0 and CDF is to have a robust, maintainable, package for

use in analyzing their physics data. We have concentrated on working closely
with the core ROOT development team on the testing and daily build and use of
ROOT to help ensure that this occurs. We have also developed a set of
tutorials, and courses that introduces ROOT to the novice users. Theses documents go
over both the initial steps in using ROOT for physics analysis as well as
more advanced features, like the ROOT trees and details of the CINT

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CHEP2000 held on 13 Jun 2000 in Padova, Italy
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