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Data Movement Challenges in the Era of 100 Gigabit and Terabit Networks

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26 Aug 2011, 11:57
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100 Gigabit per second networks such as DOE's Advanced Network Initiative(ANI), Internet2's 100G network and proposed DOE Terabit network represent a major step forward in wide area network performance. However, moving data across the wire at 100 gigabits/s is not same as reliably transferring a petabyte of data in a day end-to-end. When considering sustained end-to-end
performance rather than instantaneous network performance, numerous additional issues arise that, if not adequately addressed, will render these ultra high speed networks unusable for most users. These additional issues include a need for closer coordination of various components in the end-to-end path including the storage and compute resources at the end systems, network and transport protocols. In this talk, I will provide a brief overview of our past work in high-speed data movement including GridFTP and Globus Online and go into the details of some of the challenges with the upcoming ultra high speed networks.
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Data Movement Challenges in the Era of 100 Gbit and Terabit Networks held on 25 Aug 2011 in FCC1 Conference Room
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