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Comparison of the Frontier Distributed Database Caching System with NoSQL Databases

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Dave Dykstra
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Dave Dykstra
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13 Oct 2011, 16:00
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12 Jun 2012, 09:19
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Non-relational "NoSQL" databases such as Cassandra and CouchDB are best known for their ability to scale to large numbers of clients spread over a wide area. The Frontier distributed database caching system, used in production by the Large Hadron Collider CMS and ATLAS detector projects, is based on traditional SQL databases but also has the same high scalability and wide-area distributability for an important subset of applications. This paper compares the architectures, behavior, performance, and maintainability of the two different approaches and identifies the criteria for choosing which approach to prefer over the other.
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CHEP 2012 held on 21 May 2012 in New York, New York
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