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Run II Computing

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20 Sep 2004, 18:23
In support of the Tevatron physics program, the Run II experiments have developed computing models and hardware facilities to support data sets at the petabyte scale, currently corresponding to 500 pb-1 of data and over
2 years of production operations. The systems are complete from online data collection to user analysis, and make extensive use of central services and common solutions developed with the FNAL CD and experiment collaborating institutions, and make use of global facilities to meet the computing needs.

We describe the similiarities and differences between computing on CDF and D0 while describing solutions for database and database servers, data handling, movement and storage and job submission mechanisms. The facilities for production computing and analysis and the use of commody
fileservers will also be described. Much of the knowledge gained from providing computing at this scale can be abstracted and applied to design and planning for future experiments with large scale computing.

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CHEP2004 held from 27 Sep 2004 to 01 Oct 2004 in Interlaken, Switzerland
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