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OSG Identity Management Roadmap

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Mine Altunay
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Mine Altunay
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15 Feb 2012, 15:40
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Identity management infrastructure has been a key work area for the Open Science Grid (OSG) security team for the past year. The progress of web-based authentication protocols such as openID, SAML, and scientific federations such as InCommon, prompted OSG to evaluate its current identity management infrastructure and propose ways to incorporate new protocols and methods. OSG prepared an identity management roadmap that discussed all the available options. The main recommendation from the roadmap was to pursue a pilot study with a commercial CA, DigiCert CA, which can provide IGTF accredited user and host certificates. This decision is also motivated by the DOEGrids CA's, the current supplier of OSG certificates, decision to ramp down its services. Furthermore, using a commercial CA to continue our existing infrastructure will help OSG allocate effort to explore and invest in new technologies and mechanisms. We are planning to structure our relationship with the backend DigiCert CA such that we will have sufficient flexibility to incorporate more user-friendly technologies at the user frontend of our services. In this talk, we will present our experience so far with the pilot study and present our plans for after the pilot study ends.
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ISGC 2012 held on 26 Feb 2012 in Academica Sinica, Taipai, Taiwan
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