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Redundant Web Services Infrastructure for High Performance Data Access

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Igor Mandrichenko
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Igor Mandrichenko
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01 Apr 2013, 16:14
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Web services are popular solution for distributed data access and information management. Performance, scalability and reliability of such services is critical for the success of data production and analysis in High Energy Physics as well as other areas of science.

At FNAL, we have been using HTTP-based data access methods to provide access to various types of data. We have built a simple yet versatile infrastructure which allows us to use redundant copies of web application servers to increase service performance and availability. It is designed to handle both state-less and state-full data access methods using distributed web server.

In most cases, the infrastructure allows us to add or remove individual application servers at any time without a visible interruption of the service. This infrastructure has been successfully used for several years now with data web services as well as with interactive web applications.

We will present components of our infrastructure and several examples of how it can be used.

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CHEP 2013 held on 14 Oct 2013 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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