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A data handling system for modern and future Fermilab experiments

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Robert Illingworth
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Robert Illingworth
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01 Apr 2013, 16:46
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07 Feb 2014, 16:15
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Fermilab Intensity Frontier experiments such as Minerva, NOvA, and MicroBooNE are now using an improved version of the Fermilab SAM data handling system. SAM was originally used by the CDF and D0 experiments for Run II of the Fermilab Tevatron to provide file metadata and location cataloguing, uploading of new files to tape storage, dataset management, file transfers between global processing sites, and processing history tracking. However SAM was heavily tailored to the Run II environment and required complex and hard to deploy client software, which made it hard to adapt to new experiments.

The Fermilab Computing Sector has progressively updated SAM to use modern, standardized, technologies in order to more easily deploy it for current and upcoming Fermilab experiments, and to support the data preservation efforts of the Run II experiments. We will describe these solutions, their technical implementation, and their deployment and integration with the experiments.

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CHEP 2013 held on 14 Oct 2013 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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