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Project Management Lite Guidelines

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The Computing Sector undertakes a large number or projects, ranging from short-term, low-cost projects to multi-million dollar projects involving many stakeholders.
We believe in completing projects that deliver the planned value, on time and within budget, by applying project management practices and principles at a level that facilitates successful completion without excessive burden and overhead.
Our vision is to put into place a Project Management Program that helps project managers to more effectively plan, manage and execute their projects, and measure their results.
The scope of the Project Management Lite Guidelines is to provide information on the Project Management process, tools, and techniques that should be used by a person serving in the role of a Project Manager (PM) for Small and Medium sized Computer Sector projects at Fermilab. Large and Portfolio Projects Guidelines may be found in the Project Planning Reference Guide along with other project management tool.
The PM Lite approach is a tailored methodology that provides tools that can be used in managing small and medium sized projects.
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