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Frontier Distributed Database Caching System July 2006 - June 2013

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The Frontier Distributed Database Caching System supplies detector calibration and other conditions data from central databases to millions of computing jobs, via http proxy caches, so the jobs can use the data to properly analyze separately-supplied collision events. During the July 2006 to June 2013 phase of the project, the project team made the application and operational systems ready for production use by all computing jobs in the CMS experiment and by most of the computing jobs in the ATLAS experiment, and made ongoing fixes and enhancements to both the application and the operational systems software. The operational systems included managing a network of http proxy cache servers at all Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG) sites worldwide that support the ATLAS and CMS experiments. The team also helped the proxy caches to become an essential part of other grid-wide applications, most notably the CernVM FileSystem (CVMFS). In addition, the development team did a majority of the operations of the CMS central servers and the CMS+ATLAS monitoring servers for most of the time period, and that has now transitioned to a separate Operations team.
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