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Opportunistic Resource Usage in CMS

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Dave Dykstra
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Dave Dykstra
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05 Nov 2014, 12:57
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CMS is using a tiered setup of dedicated computing resources provided by sites
distributed over the world and organized in WLCG. These sites pledge resources to CMS and
are preparing them especially for CMS to run the experiment's applications. But there are more
resources available opportunistically both on the GRID and in local university and research
clusters which can be used for CMS applications. We will present CMS' strategy to use
opportunistic resources and prepare them dynamically to run CMS applications. CMS is able to
run its applications on resources that can be reached through the GRID, through EC2 compliant
cloud interfaces. Even resources that can be used through ssh login nodes can be harnessed. All
of these usage modes are integrated transparently into the GlideIn WMS submission
infrastructure, which is the basis of CMS' opportunistic resource usage strategy. Technologies
like Parrot to mount the software distribution via CVMFS and xrootd for access to data and
simulation samples via the WAN are used and will be described. We will summarize the
experience with opportunistic resource usage and give an outlook for the restart of LHC data
taking in 2015.
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CHEP 2013 held on 14 Oct 2013 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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