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Evolution of Object based storage to enable large scale distributed Research Computing

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Dealing with Trends in modern day Data Storage:

There is a lot of buzz and a lot of confusion around object-based storage these days. Everyone seems to have his or her own definition for object and what it buys you. This seminar starts by providing a simple, catch-all definition of object-based storage and then illustrates how object-based paradigms can be used to solve a number of nagging problems associated with large scale distributed research computing. Topics include high performance file systems, cloud-like object-stores, layering of object models on top of one another, reconciling objects to traditional files and blocks, geographically global file systems, and federated file systems. We will also discuss how modern “big data” technologies and solid state storage can enable “big metadata” for large scale object-based storage systems. Emphasis is on commercial solutions but parallels will be drawn to open source projects and home grown solutions. We will also discuss and look at current and future trends in the storage technologies in this space and what other large scale research labs are doing to tackle this.

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