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Producing Bid Evaluation Formulae -- an Underlying Economic Model

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Stephen Wolbers
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Stephen Wolbers
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24 Aug 2005, 17:41
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24 Aug 2005, 17:41
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24 Aug 2005, 17:41
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In order to improve the correspondence of our node procurement bid evaluation procedures to the actual needs and costs associated with the CPU power, and to justify the resulting bid evaluation formula for each acquisition, we can develop an economic model considering various factors beyond just cost and benchmarked CPU power. We discuss the factors and concepts that interact to influence these formulae, and present a plausible model for how bids can be structured, and of a recipe for how numerical factors which change from bid to bid can be calculated. We list the information which will be needed as input to such a recipe.
This material is to be presented to the Node Procurement Task Force, 8/25/05.
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The current paper is complete only up to the page indicated.
The remainder of the content will be added before the talk.
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