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Full Title: Simulation
Date & Time: 06 Jun 2006 at 13:00
Event Location: FCC1
Event Info: We will be using the ESnet ECS Adhoc bridge.
The number to dial in to connect by video is
88436 for (88GDM) at 348kps.

If you need to dial in by phone only, call 510-883-7860 then enter the
Ad-hoc number 88436 for (88GDM) followed by the # sign.
for Ad-Hoc instructions for dialing in http://www-staff.es.net/~mikep/adhoc/dialin.htm
or connecting to to view the stream http://www-staff.es.net/~mikep/adhoc/codian.htm

The conference room Phone Number: 840-6686
If you have questions or problems connecting,
please contact cd-coord-suppt@fnal.gov

Start Title Author(s) Topic(s) File(s) Length
13:00 Introduction Daniel Elvira Simulation
13:00 Physics Generators Stephen Mrenna Reviews
13:00 Detector Simulation at FNAL Daniel Elvira Simulation
13:00 Geant4 Support at FNAL Julia Yarba Simulation

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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1566-v0 Physics Generators Stephen Mrenna None
02 Jun 2006
1537-v0 Project Status Report Daniel Elvira Simulation
25 May 2006

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