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Synergia: Modern Accelerator Tool

Full Title: Synergia: Modern Accelerator Tool
Date & Time: 10 Feb 2004 at 09:00
Event Info: Speaker: James Amundson

Computer simulations play a crucial role in both the design and operation of particle accelerators. General tools for modeling single-particle accelerator dynamics have been in wide use for many years. Multi-particle dynamics are much more computationally demanding than single-particle dynamics, requiring supercomputers or parallel clusters of PCs. Because of this, simulations of multi-particle dynamics have been much more specialized. Although several multi-particle simulation tools are now available, they tend to cover a narrow range of topics. Most also present difficulties for the end user ranging from platform portability to arcane interfaces.

I will discuss Synergia, a multi-particle accelerator simulation tool developed at Fermilab, funded by the DOE SciDAC program. Synergia was designed to cover a variety of physics processes while presenting a flexible and humane interface to the end user. It is a hybrid application, primarily based on the existing packages mxyzptlk/beamline and Impact. My presentation will cover Synergia's physics capabilities and human interface. I will focus on the computational problems we encountered and solved in the process of building an application out of codes written in Fortran 90, C++, and wrapped with a Python front-end. I will also discuss some approaches we have used in the visualization of the high-dimensional data that comes out of a particle accelerator simulations, especially our work with OpenDX.

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