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Inside std::Vector

Full Title: Inside std::Vector
Date & Time: 24 Oct 2003 at 09:00
Event Info: Speaker: Howard Hinnant

Arguably the simplest container in the C++ standard library, std::vector simply encapsulates a dynamic array of objects. Come find out what goes into an industrial-strength implementation of this simple concept. Along the way, learn about:

The importance of data member layout,
Tips for achieving exception safety,
Tips for reducing template code bloat,
Maximizing performance for vectors of simplistic types,
The application of restricted templates to vector, and
Just how move semantics plays a role.

Also to be discussed are techniques to instrument code for debugging and maintenance purposes: your C++ objects can help debug and test themselves with only a little extra effort. Our lowly std::vector is an excellent sandbox in which to explore many of these more advanced techniques since the vector logic itself is so simple, however, these techniques are applicable to C++ in general.

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