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Open Source High-Availability Software on Linux

Full Title: Open Source High-Availability Software on Linux
Date & Time: 24 Oct 2006 at 11:00
Event Location: WH7XO
Event Info: One of the capabilities most-often identified as being necessary for Linux to be considered a world-class server operating system is High-Availability (HA) services.

High-Availability systems provide the illusion of continuous operation for a cluster of computers where one computer takes over for another in the event of hardware or software failures and planned administrative events. This talk will discuss three complementary open source projects which provide high-availability capabilities for Linux.

These projects are the High-availability Linux (Linux-HA) project, the DRBD project, and the Linux Virtual Server project, with the most emphasis on the Linux-HA project.

It is the purpose of this talk to provide an overview of the HA capabilities provided by these projects, how they are used together, and provide a brief look into the future of High-Availability on Linux.

Speaker: Alan Robertson, IBM Linus Technology Center

Alan Robertson is the founder and project leader of the Linux-HA project. He started the project with his heartbeat program in 1998 while working at Bell Labs. After that he worked for SuSE for a year and has been with the IBM Linux Technology Center since 2001.

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11:00 Open Source High-Availability Software on Linux - - Computing Techniques Seminars

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