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Identity & Access Management (IAM) Suite: A Shibboleth-based Platform for Collaborative eResearch

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Full Title: Identity & Access Management (IAM) Suite: A Shibboleth-based Platform for Collaborative eResearch
Date & Time: 08 Dec 2006 at 11:00
Event Location: FCC1
Event Info: Shibboleth, Internet2's open-standards-based, open-source solution for federated IAM, is being applied widely in Higher Education (HE) to increase research effectiveness through inter-institutional single-sign-on and secure sharing of web-based services. HE is increasingly engaging in collaborative eResearch requiring a secure, distributed and complex work environment. Such projects constitute virtual organisations (VO's) and share common infrastructure requirements, including project, communication and information management tools, and access to PKI-based Grid tools. Currently, HE collaborative research project infrastructures typically rely on loosely integrated tools with disparate IAM mechanisms. Significant project time is devoted to establishing and maintaining an effective collaboration infrastructure. This presentation describes the "Identity and Access Management Suite" (IAM Suite) project which aims to deliver an extensible and modular Platform for Collaboration (PfC) utilising Shibboleth for unified IAM. The IAM Suite will deliver a portal-based VO infrastructure and suite of collaborative tools sharing user authentication state and user attributes via Shibboleth. IAM Suite requirements include merging of a VO member's HE federation and VO-specific attributes (similar to myVocs), use of VO member's attributes to create proxy certificates (via MyProxy), and authentication state and delegated attribute management for support of n-tier service architectures.

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1976-v1 Identity & Access Management (IAM) Suite: A Shibboleth-based Platform for Collaborative eResearch - - Computing Techniques Seminars
10 Jan 2007

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