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Mathematical Interfaces of Automated Scientific Computing

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Full Title: Mathematical Interfaces of Automated Scientific Computing
Date & Time: 22 Oct 2009 at 14:00
Event Location: FCC2A/2B
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Event Info: Mathematical Interfaces of Automated Scientific Computing

Andy R. Terrel
Computer Science Department , University of Chicago

Simulation has become a cornerstone of scientific advancement in all fields, but often large scale projects use limited methods due to the complexity of the code. By introducing the automation of the writing of simulations we are able to take advantage of new methods that would otherwise take too long to develop. I present several mathematical interfaces that have been developed here in Chicago and applied to partial differential equation solvers using the finite element methods.

Speaker bio:
Andy R. Terrel is an advanced graduate student at the University of Chicago studying automated mathematical modeling under Ridgway Scott and Matthew Knepley. His research has focused mainly on the question,"Can computers write simulations better than experts?"

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