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Exploring Programmatic Structure

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Full Title: Exploring Programmatic Structure
Date & Time: 29 Jun 2011 at 11:30
Event Location: Wilson Hall, Curia II
Event Topic(s): Computing Infrastructure
Event Info: In the presentation associated with this event, we explore M-V-C and MV-VM as perpendicular elaborations of programmatic structure and explicate the corresponding consequences for interface design.

Interface, in this sense, includes both user and programmer interfaces. Careful diagrammatic distinctions will be drawn to elaborate an existing distinction between object- and aspect- oriented programming and computer- or memory- oriented programming.

The claim is that programming should be oriented first and foremost by principles of interface design, which have to be considered according to two incommensurate sets of terms.

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11:30 Programmatic Explorations Asher Haig Education and Outreach

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20 Jun 2011
4361-v1 Completed and in Progress Works of Asher Haig Asher Haig Education and Outreach
20 Jun 2011

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