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Full Title: HBASE
Date & Time: 14 Jun 2012 at 13:00
Event Location: FCC1
Event Moderator(s):
Event Info: Speaker: Rob Johnson, Cloudera Systems


Rob will present a Hadoop and HBase overview. As the amount of data we deal with, especially semi-structured data, explodes in size, we need new ways of storing, processing, and accessing data on a larger scale. This presentation will provide a quick overview of Hadoop, its overall philosophies, where Cloudera fits in, and explore the hugely scaleable, high performing NoSQL column store, HBase.

Speaker Bio:

Rob Johnson started his career as an Electrical Engineer for Peoples Energy in Chicago. He played a primary role on a 3-person team in designing and replacing Peoples Energy's SCADA system for Y2K. While at the gas utility, Rob earned a Masters Degree in Computer Science/Distributed Systems from DePaul University. He moved into the role of a Data Virtualization Solutions Architect for Composite Software in 2006. In December of 2011, Rob joined Cloudera as Systems Engineer.

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