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CERN VM-FS - A Scalable and Low Maintenance Software Distribution Service

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Full Title: CERN VM-FS - A Scalable and Low Maintenance Software Distribution Service
Date & Time: 07 Feb 2013 at 14:00
Event Location: FCC1W
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Event Info: Speaker: Jakob Blomer of CERN, author of the CernVM File System


The CernVM File System (CernVM-FS) provides a scalable and low maintenance software distribution service. CernVM-FS is used by the 4 LHC experiments to distribute collaboration software to Tier-N centers around the grid.
Internally, CernVM-FS uses a form of content-addressable storage which provides data de-duplication and file system snapshots while the data transfer infrastructure can be built around possibly untrusted networks and stateless, plain HTTP servers.

In contrast to the original use, contained in a CernVM virtual machine, the deployment of the file system client on the grid introduced new challenges that have been addressed by recent developments. This presentation will focus on the lessons learned from large-scale grid deployment. A number of features have been recently developed in order to improve the versatility of the file system client and to reduce maintenance and down-time caused by software failures and network glitches.

The presentation will also touch on a potential future use case for CernVM-FS. Due to the strong requirements on POSIX compliance imposed by High Energy Physics application software, CernVM-FS can be used to host and boot a Linux operating system. This allows the creation of a "micro virtual machine" that comprises only a Linux kernel while the operating system is provided on demand by CernVM-FS. The approach speeds up the initial boot time and reduces virtual machine image sizes by an order of magnitude.

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5009-v1 CernVM-FS - A Scalable and Low Maintenance Software Distribution Service Jakob Blomer Scientific Computing Facilities
08 Feb 2013

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