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Full Title: Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics
Date & Time: 14 Oct 2013 at 09:00
Event Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
External URL: CHEP 2013

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Other documents for this event

CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
5467-v1 Opportunistic Resource Usage in CMS Dave Dykstra et al. High Performance Computing
05 Nov 2014
5431-v1 Stitched Together: Transitioning CMS to a Hierarchical Threaded Framework Christopher D. Jones et al. Architecture Framewks Recon
16 Oct 2014
5085-v3 A data handling system for modern and future Fermilab experiments Robert Illingworth Neutrino Program
Muon Program
23 Jul 2014
5082-v2 The "Last Mile" of Data Handling - Fermilab's IFDH tools Adam Lyon et al. Data Movement and Storage
23 Jul 2014
5077-v3 CHEP 2013 - Grids, Virtualization and Clouds at Fermilab Keith Chadwick et al. Shared Systems and Services
03 Dec 2013
5083-v1 The Fabric for Frontier Experiments Project at Fermilab Michael H Kirby et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
Neutrino Program
Scientific Liaisons
11 Nov 2013
5218-v1 Data processing in the wake of massive multicore processors Jim Kowalkowski Physics Applications
06 Nov 2013
5071-v1 CORAL and COOL during the LHC long shutdown Dave Dykstra et al. Databases
04 Nov 2013
5240-v1 The Fabric for Frontier Experiments Project at Fermilab Michael H Kirby CS Liaison
Neutrino Program
01 Nov 2013
5067-v1 Squid monitoring tools - a common solution for LHC experiments Alastair Dewhurst et al. Grid
31 Oct 2013
5063-v2 CHEP 2013 - Big Data over a 100G Network at Fermilab Dave Dykstra et al. Networks
31 Oct 2013
5069-v1 Cloud Bursting with Glideinwms: Means to satisfy ever increasing computing needs for Scientific Workflows Burt Holzman et al. High Performance Computing
Scientific Computing Facilities
31 Oct 2013
5073-v1 Public Storage for the Open Science Grid Tanya Levshina OSG
30 Oct 2013
5074-v2 Grid Accounting Service: State and Future Development Tanya Levshina et al. OSG
30 Oct 2013
5076-v2 ArtG4: A generic framework for Geant4 simulations (CHEP2013) Adam Lyon Experiment/Scientific Program
29 Oct 2013
5229-v1 Future Directions For Software Tools Philippe Canal Simulation
High Performance Computing
Physics Applications
22 Oct 2013
5068-v2 Security in the CernVM File System and the Frontier Distributed Database Caching System Jakob Blomer et al. Grid
18 Oct 2013
5225-v1 CHEP 2013 Talk GPU-Based Network Traffic Monotoring & Analysis Tools Wenji Wu Network Monitoring
17 Oct 2013
5224-v1 CHEP 2013 Talk US-LHC Tier-1 Data Movement Secuerity Architectures Philip DeMar Networks
17 Oct 2013
5216-v1 CHEP 2013 - artdaq Kurt Biery et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
14 Oct 2013
5103-v1 CHEP 2013 Submitted Abstracts - NOvA Experiment Andrew J Norman NOvA
20 Apr 2013
5081-v1 Redundant Web Services Infrastructure for High Performance Data Access Igor Mandrichenko et al. Neutrino Program
01 Apr 2013
5065-v1 GPU-Assisted Traffic Analysis Philip DeMar et al. Network Monitoring
22 Mar 2013
5064-v1 WAN Science DMZ Security Architecture at US-LHC Tier-1s Philip DeMar Networks
22 Mar 2013
5059-v1 Solving Small Files Problem in Enstore (Abstract for CHEP 2013) John Hendry et al. Data Movement and Storage
19 Mar 2013

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