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OSG - Opportunities and Challenges

Full Title: OSG - Opportunities and Challenges
Date & Time: 10 Sep 2015 at 13:00
Event Location: WH1E
Event Topic(s): Computing Techniques Seminar
Event Moderator(s):
Event Info: Speaker:
Frank Wuerthwein, Ph.D.

Würthwein was (2013/14) the Supersymmetry Physics coordinator of the CMS experiment. As such, he provided vision, coordination, cheerleading, and “marriage counseling” to a group of a few hundred physicists from up to 40 countries worldwide engaged in searches for Supersymmetry with the CMS experiment. Supersymmetry is the theoretical framework that provides the leading explanation for Dark Matter.

The Open Science Grid (OSG) is presently heading into its teenage years. In this talk we will briefly review our history and recent successes, and then focus on opportunities and challenges as we prepare for our next 5 years. We will touch upon challenges and opportunities ranging from increased diversity of applications and science communities, increased demands on the agility to include novel resources, novel policies of use, increasing support of BigData, and our desire to provide data on distributed computing for Computer Science R&D, among other issues. In short, the objective of this talk is to invite the audience to engage with OSG as we transition from a young teenager to an adult, helping us work through the challenges and excitements of puberty.

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