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The Cosmic Frontier and the SCD: what is the 7th floor doing?

Full Title: The Cosmic Frontier and the SCD: what is the 7th floor doing?
Date & Time: 23 Jan 2018 at 13:00
Event Location: DIR/ One West-WH1W - Wilson Hall 1st fl West
Event Topic(s): Computing Techniques Seminar
Event Moderator(s):
Event Info: Speaker:
James Annis, Senior Scientist, Scientist Computing Division

The 7th floor is central to Fermilab’s Cosmic Frontier: using great imaging and spectroscopic surveys to learn about cosmology and particle physics. The work that we do depends on the SCD and has since the days of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. These days we are riding the peak of analysis in Fermilab’s own DES while preparing for LBNL’s DESI and SLAC’s LSST. Many of our large projects involve components of SCD outside the 7th floor, and this talk will showcase these: DES production, Balrog, CosmoSIS, WLPipe, DESGW and DES nightly difference imaging will be described: these use the DES cluster, DEGrid, and the FermiGrid for processing jobs, Enstore/Dcache for storage, and all are the result of the contributions of SCD developers. We are also exploring new algorithmic techniques to develop a strategic foothold for big-data analyses in future survey. Solving the nature of dark energy and dark matter are long term projects.

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