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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
5834-v4 Scientific Software Infrastructure - Service Docs Marc Paterno Supplier Management
Availability Management
Service Management
Capacity Management
Problem Management
Service Level Management
Configuration Management
Incident Management
Service Continuity
Service Catalog
31 Jul 2020
6817-v1 Current Samplers and Hamiltonian Monte Carlo: Notes for Users of CosmoSIS Marc Paterno Astrophysics
26 Jul 2019
6508-v1 HEPCloud: An Elastic Hybrid HEP Facility Mine Altunay et al. HEPCloud
14 Mar 2019
6170-v1 High Energy Physics Data Science Toolkit Development Chris Green et al. High Performance Computing
11 Sep 2017
5797-v1 Summary of the OpenSpliceDDS Tutorial Marc Paterno Data Distribution
12 Aug 2016
5765-v3 Recommendations for the LArSoft code analysis process Christopher D. Jones et al. LArSoft
01 Jul 2016
5766-v2 Report from the Pattern Matching Algorithnm code analysis Christopher D. Jones et al. LArSoft
01 Jul 2016
5693-v2 Study of a Docker use-case for HEP Jim Kowalkowski et al. Physics Applications
13 Mar 2016
5629-v1 Preparing HEP reconstruction and analysis software for exascale-era computing Marc Paterno High Performance Computing
19 Oct 2015
5613-v1 Framework design experience from art Marc Paterno Neutrino Program
25 Sep 2015
5597-v2 Framework Introduction Marc Paterno Computing Infrastructure
27 Aug 2015
5490-v1 SC14 Workshop Talk: GCE14 9th Gateway Computing Environments Workshop Jim Kowalkowski et al. Communications & Outreach
16 Dec 2014
5380-v1 Requirements for Software Product Building and Management Lynn Garren et al. Neutrino Program
28 Oct 2014
1841-v2 Easy Data Analysis Using R Marc Paterno Computing Techniques Seminars
27 Aug 2013
5182-v1 Building a Relocatable Python Marc Paterno Astrophysics
20 Aug 2013
4907-v3 artdaq Talk and Paper from the Real-Time 2012 Conference Marc Paterno Computing Infrastructure
22 Apr 2013
4950-v1 High-speed Decision Making on Live Petabyte Data Streams Poster Kurt Biery et al. Communications & Outreach
High Performance Computing
12 Nov 2012
4479-v2 CHEP 2012: The art framework Walter Brown et al. R & D
22 Jun 2012
4509-v1 NOvA Event Building, Buffering, and Filtering within the DAQ System Andrew J Norman et al. NOvA
28 Oct 2011
2891-v1 CofGen Analysis: Managing parameters, provenance and secondary products Jim Kowalkowski et al. Lattice QCD
High Performance Computing
11 Sep 2008
2405-v1 Performance and Numerical Stability Mark Fischler et al. Simulation
12 Sep 2007
2233-v1 A Minimization Package of HEP Walter Brown et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
21 Jun 2007
365-v1 The C++ Standards Committee: Progress & Plans Walter Brown et al. Computing Techniques Seminars
Department Infrastructure
15 Nov 2006
1600-v1 Random Number Generation in C++0X: A Comprehensive Proposal, version 2 Walter Brown et al. Physics Applications
23 Jun 2006
1601-v1 Proposal to Consolidate the Subtract-with-Carry Engines Walter Brown et al. Physics Applications
23 Jun 2006
1376-v2 The Phystat Physics Statistics Software Repository Philippe Canal et al. Physics Applications
17 Apr 2006
1419-v1 The Phystat Statistical Software Repository Mark Fischler et al. Physics Applications
17 Apr 2006
1282-v1 The hep_random C++ Library: Design, Experience, and Plans Walter Brown et al. R & D
28 Nov 2005
1248-v1 Mathematical Special Functions in the C++ Standard Library Walter Brown et al. Physics Applications
02 Nov 2005
435-v1 Software Infrastructure for Analysis Support Jim Kowalkowski et al. Physics Applications
29 Oct 2005
724-v1 A Case For Reflection Walter Brown et al. Physics Applications
21 Mar 2005
484-v1 Improving Standard C++ for the Physics Community Walter Brown et al. None
20 Jan 2005
506-v1 FroNtier: High Performance Database Access Using Standard Web Components in a Scalable Multi-tier Architecture Barry Blumenfeld et al. CDF Run2
22 Sep 2004
468-v1 Two Proposals Walter Brown et al. Architecture Framewks Recon
25 Aug 2004
467-v1 Snakes and Trees Walter Brown et al. Architecture Framewks Recon
19 Aug 2004
157-v2 D0 Event Model Upgrade Marc Paterno D0 Run2
10 Jun 2004
182-v1 KAI-GCC Transistion Marc Paterno Physics Applications
08 Jun 2004

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