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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4047-v1 Capacity Management Policy, Process & Procedures Document Ray Pasetes Capacity Management
01 Jun 2011
6495-v2 FERRY: Access Control and Quota Management Service Mine Altunay et al. FIFE
04 Dec 2018
4924-v3 Experiment and Scientific Collaboration Liaisons James Amundson et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
22 Nov 2016
5675-v1 FermiGeneralPurposeGridConfiguration_jan122016 Joe Boyd et al. Scientific Computing Facilities
12 Jan 2016
5574-v1 Housing Policy for Workflow Operations for Distributed Computing Visitors Dave Mason et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
10 Jul 2015
5418-v4 Experiment Specific Services Service Offering Documents Margaret Votava Shared Systems and Services
22 Sep 2014
5355-v1 Proposal for Connecting User-Supplied Test Beam Systems to the Fermilab Campus Network Margaret Votava Experiment/Scientific Program
27 May 2014
5323-v1 MINERvA Data Management and Workflow Design Panagiotis Spentzouris et al. MINERvA
21 Mar 2014
5321-v1 Gums / DCache Mapping Margaret Votava Neutrino Program
20 Mar 2014
5029-v1 2012 Network Task Force Report - Final Jon Bakken et al. Networks
26 Feb 2013
4983-v1 Outcomes - 1/8/2013 Ruth Pordes et al. Scientific Liaisons
13 Jan 2013
4953-v1 Scientific Account Creation Margaret Votava Experiment/Scientific Program
07 Nov 2012
4906-v1 Presentation to SCD Projects meeting on Experiment and Scientific Collaboration Liaisons Margaret Votava Experiment/Scientific Program
02 Oct 2012
4854-v0 FY13 Tactical Plan for Code Management Scott W Nolan et al. FY2013 Tactical Plans
01 Sep 2012
4834-v1 FY13 Tactical Plan for Outreach Ruth Pordes et al. FY2013 Tactical Plans
31 Aug 2012
4715-v1 Schedule for for May 1, 2012 Downtime Margaret Votava Neutrino Program
24 Apr 2012
4598-v1 GCC Cooling - Problems and Recommendations Jon Bakken et al. Computing Facilities Ops
07 Jan 2012
4171-v1 REX Services for remote sites of CDF Offline Stephan Lammel et al. CDF Run2
15 Nov 2010
3485-v0 Root Cause Analysis for PBI000000000057 CDF dCache prolonged outage incident 09/22/2009-09/23/2009 Angela Bellavance et al. Problem Management
09 Oct 2009
3533-v1 Service Desk Improvement Committee Closeout Report Jon Bakken et al. Service Desk
02 Dec 2009
3241-v1 D0 Grid Data Production Initiative Closure Report Jason Allen et al. Project Management
D0 Run2
03 Aug 2009
3036-v1 The CDF CAF/Grid Monitoring System functional requirements Mark Fischler et al. CDF Run2
31 Dec 2008
2966-v2 CDF Offline Initiative Closure Report Robert Kennedy et al. CDF Run2
Project Management
25 Nov 2008
2762-v4 FY08 Tactical Plan Status Report for ILCTA Margaret Votava Tactical Plans
15 Jul 2008
2752-v2 JIRA for CDF Margaret Votava CDF Run2
01 Jul 2008
2670-v1 Issue Tracking System Evaluation for CDF Offline Margaret Votava Run2
02 May 2008
2669-v1 Issue Tracking System Requirements for CDF Offline Margaret Votava Run2
02 May 2008
2240-v3 FY08 Tactical Plan for ILCTA Controls Margaret Votava Tactical Plans
25 Jun 2007
2184-v0 Data Acquisition and Control System Ruth Pordes et al. DAQ
14 Jun 2007
2080-v2 ILC Coordination Forum - Controls Status April 2007 Margaret Votava International Linear Collider
03 Apr 2007
1965-v1 ILCTA Controls Tactical Plan for FY07 Margaret Votava Budget and Financial Support
13 Dec 2006
1639-v1 Controls Margaret Votava High Performance Computing
International Linear Collider
10 Nov 2006
1700-v1 WebEx Margaret Votava Video & Desktop Conferencing Support
12 Sep 2006
1645-v1 RT2007 Status NPSS AdCom Meeting 7/22/06 Margaret Votava Video & Desktop Conferencing Support
20 Jul 2006
1538-v1 Package Management Proposal Marc Mengel et al. Collaboration Tools
26 May 2006
1525-v1 IEEE-NPSS RT2007 Conference Deadlines Margaret Votava Video & Desktop Conferencing Support
22 May 2006
1299-v1 Controls for ILC/ILCTA Margaret Votava International Linear Collider
13 Dec 2005
1052-v3 ILC Controls Planning Margaret Votava None
20 Sep 2005
1039-v0 ILC Controls Margaret Votava None
13 Sep 2005
968-v3 DAQ Project Status Report For August 2005 Jerry Guglielmo et al. None
29 Aug 2005
278-v1 DAQ Margaret Votava DAQ
21 Jun 2004
134-v1 BTeV DAQ Margaret Votava R & D
09 Jun 2004

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