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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
6508-v1 HEPCloud: An Elastic Hybrid HEP Facility Mine Altunay et al. HEPCloud
14 Mar 2019
5838-v2 Fermilab HEP Cloud Facility Architecture and Design Overview Mine Altunay et al. Scientific Computing Facilities
HEPCloud Internal
07 Nov 2017
6170-v1 High Energy Physics Data Science Toolkit Development Chris Green et al. High Performance Computing
11 Sep 2017
5872-v2 Muon g-2 Computing Review, Final Report Burt Holzman et al. Reviews
28 Nov 2016
5871-v1 Bringing physics data analytics software infrastructure to exascale Jim Kowalkowski High Performance Computing
17 Nov 2016
5856-v1 Workflow systems and frameworks - a discussion Jim Kowalkowski et al. Computing
28 Oct 2016
5731-v1 Integrating Visualization Applications, such as ParaView, into HEP Software Frameworks for In-situ Event Displays Jim Kowalkowski et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
20 Oct 2016
5765-v3 Recommendations for the LArSoft code analysis process Christopher D. Jones et al. LArSoft
01 Jul 2016
5766-v2 Report from the Pattern Matching Algorithnm code analysis Christopher D. Jones et al. LArSoft
01 Jul 2016
5752-v1 Brainstorming - Fermilab Storage Evolution Gerard Bernabeu et al. Scientific Computing Facilities
13 May 2016
5717-v1 Using Docker in HEP Jim Kowalkowski et al. R & D
18 Apr 2016
5693-v2 Study of a Docker use-case for HEP Jim Kowalkowski et al. Physics Applications
13 Mar 2016
5646-v2 “SAM for Users” Review Mine Altunay et al. FIFE
28 Dec 2015
5606-v2 SCD Storage Access Architecture Burt Holzman et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
04 Dec 2015
5579-v1 MicroBooNe profiling report Kyle Knoepfel et al. Neutrino Program
21 Jul 2015
5551-v1 Workflows and Workflow Systems at Fermilab Jim Kowalkowski Grants & Federal Funding Projects
Shared Systems and Services
23 Apr 2015
5514-v1 Activities associated with a software build, continuous integration, and release program Jim Kowalkowski Shared Systems and Services
09 Feb 2015
5512-v1 HSF FNAL vision talk Jim Kowalkowski Department Infrastructure
Shared Systems and Services
05 Feb 2015
5490-v1 SC14 Workshop Talk: GCE14 9th Gateway Computing Environments Workshop Jim Kowalkowski et al. Communications & Outreach
16 Dec 2014
5380-v1 Requirements for Software Product Building and Management Lynn Garren et al. Neutrino Program
28 Oct 2014
5369-v1 Brainstorming slides for frameworks and analysis tools Jim Kowalkowski et al. Work Planning and Budgeting
11 Jun 2014
5218-v1 Data processing in the wake of massive multicore processors Jim Kowalkowski Physics Applications
06 Nov 2013
5216-v1 CHEP 2013 - artdaq Kurt Biery et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
14 Oct 2013
5019-v1 DES analysis framework Jim Kowalkowski Astrophysics
20 Feb 2013
4984-v1 LSST DESC Frameworks Jim Kowalkowski Experiment/Scientific Program
24 Jan 2013
4950-v1 High-speed Decision Making on Live Petabyte Data Streams Poster Kurt Biery et al. High Performance Computing
Communications & Outreach
12 Nov 2012
4479-v2 CHEP 2012: The art framework Walter Brown et al. R & D
22 Jun 2012
4684-v3 Art and SAM Integration Jim Kowalkowski et al. Neutrino Program
07 Mar 2012
2988-v0 CHEP09 - LQCD Workflow Execution Framework: Models, Provenance, and Fault-Tolerance Jim Kowalkowski et al. Lattice QCD
12 Nov 2008
2891-v1 CofGen Analysis: Managing parameters, provenance and secondary products Jim Kowalkowski et al. High Performance Computing
Lattice QCD
11 Sep 2008
2405-v1 Performance and Numerical Stability Mark Fischler et al. Simulation
12 Sep 2007
2271-v0 Understanding and Coping with Hardware and Software Failures in a very Large Trigger Farm Jim Kowalkowski CDF Run2
27 Jun 2007
2270-v0 Understanding and Coping with Hardware and Jim Kowalkowski Farms
27 Jun 2007
2265-v1 Serving Database Information Using a Flexible Server in a Three Tier Architecture Jim Kowalkowski D0 Run2
27 Jun 2007
2303-v1 White Papers to Great Lakes Consortium Workshop - December 2006 Jim Kowalkowski et al. High Performance Computing
05 Jan 2007
1939-v2 SciDAC Projects Jim Kowalkowski Lattice QCD
28 Nov 2006
1600-v1 Random Number Generation in C++0X: A Comprehensive Proposal, version 2 Walter Brown et al. Physics Applications
23 Jun 2006
1601-v1 Proposal to Consolidate the Subtract-with-Carry Engines Walter Brown et al. Physics Applications
23 Jun 2006
1416-v1 Profiling Tool Work Jim Kowalkowski Physics Applications
18 Apr 2006
1282-v1 The hep_random C++ Library: Design, Experience, and Plans Walter Brown et al. R & D
28 Nov 2005
139-v2 BTeV RTES Jim Kowalkowski DAQ
29 Oct 2005
435-v1 Software Infrastructure for Analysis Support Jim Kowalkowski et al. Physics Applications
29 Oct 2005
724-v1 A Case For Reflection Walter Brown et al. Physics Applications
21 Mar 2005
506-v1 FroNtier: High Performance Database Access Using Standard Web Components in a Scalable Multi-tier Architecture Barry Blumenfeld et al. CDF Run2
22 Sep 2004
169-v1 D0 Tracking Effort Upgrade Jim Kowalkowski D0 Run2
10 Jun 2004

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