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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
5283-v1 SAM Change Risk Classifcation Guidance Robert Illingworth et al. Change Risk Classification
13 Jan 2014
5699-v3 FNAL Scientific Data Management - Service Docs Robert Illingworth Service Level Management
Service Continuity
ISO Service
Capacity Management
31 May 2019
5843-v1 SFARI Workshop on Platforms for Exploratory Analysis of Genomics Data: Computational and Data Sharing Environments Robert Illingworth Data Management
21 Sep 2016
5819-v1 The FIFE Project at Fermilab: Computing for Experiments Joe Boyd et al. FIFE
11 Aug 2016
5752-v1 Brainstorming - Fermilab Storage Evolution Gerard Bernabeu et al. Scientific Computing Facilities
13 May 2016
5719-v0 Taking HEP data management outside of HEP Ian Fisk et al. Grid
18 Apr 2016
5606-v2 SCD Storage Access Architecture Burt Holzman et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
04 Dec 2015
5621-v1 Data management and SAM for Simons Foundation Robert Illingworth Experiment/Scientific Program
08 Oct 2015
5583-v1 Some recommendations for dCache Stuart C. Fuess et al. Scientific Computing Facilities
04 Aug 2015
5578-v1 Fermilab Data Handling Overview Robert Illingworth et al. Neutrino Program
Muon Program
20 Jul 2015
5562-v4 Project Requirements -- Production Operations Management Service Paola Buitrago et al. Grid
Computing Infrastructure
Scientific Computing Facilities
01 Jul 2015
5554-v1 CHEP 2015 Data Handling Papers Mike Diesburg et al. Shared Systems and Services
12 May 2015
5541-v2 CHEP 2015 Talk - Large Scale Management of Physicists Data Mike Diesburg et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
23 Apr 2015
5542-v1 CHEP 2015 Talk - Re-engineering SAM Mike Diesburg et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
07 Apr 2015
5445-v11 Data Management Related Abstracts (CHEP2015) Mike Diesburg et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
09 Feb 2015
5483-v1 Sam User Guide Robert Illingworth et al. Databases
Scientific Computing Facilities
Data Movement and Storage
01 Dec 2014
5085-v3 A data handling system for modern and future Fermilab experiments Robert Illingworth Neutrino Program
Muon Program
23 Jul 2014
4082-v10 Intensity Frontier Computing Model and GRID Tools Robert Illingworth et al. Neutrino Program
12 Jan 2013
4843-v1 SAM project status Robert Illingworth Neutrino Program
29 Aug 2012
4627-v1 Requirements for an ART file "User" Database Robert Illingworth et al. Event Data Model
30 Mar 2012
4325-v1 SAM at the Intensity Frontier Robert Illingworth et al. Neutrino Program
02 May 2011
3241-v1 D0 Grid Data Production Initiative Closure Report Jason Allen et al. Project Management
D0 Run2
03 Aug 2009
489-v0 Deployment of SAM for the CDF Experiment Andrew Baranovski et al. None
16 Dec 2008
2177-v1 Improving SAM at CDF Angela Bellavance et al. CDF Run2
13 Jun 2007
544-v2 Tools for GRID deployment of CDF offline and SAM data handling systems for Summer 2004 computing. Andrew Baranovski et al. None
20 Jan 2005

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