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Marcia A Teckenbrock of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4093-v7 OBSOLETE - Service Desk User Communication Service Eileen Berman et al. Communication
Communications & Outreach
28 Jan 2021
2691-v2 CD Web Content Management System Training Slides Lisa Giacchetti et al. XMS
25 Jun 2008
6637-v4 Using the Fermilab Network -- one pager for scientists Marcia A Teckenbrock Communications & Outreach
26 May 2020
4063-v16 Document Management ITIL Process Documents Marcia A Teckenbrock Document Management
15 May 2020
6842-v1 Fermilab Computational Science Internship (FCSI) 2020 - call for projects Marcia A Teckenbrock Communications & Outreach
09 Sep 2019
5732-v1 STEM Career Expo 2016 Presentation Clemmie Jones et al. Communications & Outreach
21 Apr 2016
4306-v2 FNAL OLA Template Robert Kennedy Service Level Management
13 Jun 2011
5024-v3 Document and Web Content Management Implementation Procedures Ruth Pordes et al. Document Management
09 Aug 2015
4756-v1 DRAFT: Website Design Standards Document - Out of Date Marcia A Teckenbrock Communications & Outreach
03 Feb 2014
4832-v1 FY13 Tactical Plan for Communications Ruth Pordes et al. FY2013 Tactical Plans
27 Aug 2012
893-v2 DocDB Project Marcia A Teckenbrock Department Infrastructure
02 Sep 2005
4415-v4 Service Now Training for Incident and Request Management Brian Mckittrick et al. Training Materials
04 Jan 2012
3527-v8 Change Management Tool Training Michael Kaiser et al. Training Materials
07 Dec 2010
4011-v0 Root Cause Analysis for PBI000000000148: Announcement for Remote Desktop Client Sent Out With Invalid Links on 11 June 2010 Eileen Berman et al. Problem Management
20 Jul 2010
3084-v1 DocDB Categorization & Search Project David Ritchie et al. DocDB Management
11 Feb 2009
3174-v1 Service Desk Go-Live Poster Bill Boroski et al. Service Desk
07 Apr 2009
2969-v3 Open Science Grid @ Supercomputing 2008 Marcia A Teckenbrock OSG
11 Nov 2008
2421-v3 Communications and Outreach Project Status Fall 2007 Lisa Giacchetti et al. Education and Outreach
18 Sep 2007
2404-v1 DocDB Presentation - Interlab 2006 Marcia A Teckenbrock DocDB Management
12 Sep 2007
841-v15 FCC Lobby Middle Display Marcia A Teckenbrock et al. Education and Outreach
22 Mar 2007
1333-v1 DocDB Stakeholders Meeting Minutes Marcia A Teckenbrock DocDB Management
19 Oct 2006
838-v7 WebPortal Support Center for the OSG Marcia A Teckenbrock OSG
19 Oct 2006
1304-v1 DOE Web Support Project Plan Penelope Constanta et al. Information Management
07 Dec 2005
7-v1 Search Upgrade Project Report Marcia A Teckenbrock Administration
29 Oct 2005
1049-v1 CD Web Upgrade Project Joy Hathaway et al. Department Infrastructure
16 Sep 2005
382-v2 CD Web Upgrade Joy Hathaway et al. Department Infrastructure
09 Jul 2004

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