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Stan Naymola of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3901-v8 Scientific Storage Service Description Gene Oleynik et al. Data Movement and Storage
27 Sep 2016
5468-v4 DMS Department Process for Cloning of Enstore tapes Stan Naymola Scientific Computing Facilities
26 Nov 2014
5059-v1 Solving Small Files Problem in Enstore (Abstract for CHEP 2013) John Hendry et al. Data Movement and Storage
19 Mar 2013
4698-v4 Enstore Small File Aggregation Feature User dcoumentation Gene Oleynik et al. Scientific Computing Facilities
Data Movement and Storage
24 Jan 2013
4718-v1 Operating a Single Enstore mover with two T10000C drives attached. John Hendry et al. Scientific Computing Facilities
26 Apr 2012
742-v1 Site Backup Service New Customers Stan Naymola et al. Data Movement and Storage
15 Jul 2010
1374-v1 CSS Overview Mark Kaletka et al. PC Servers and Support
15 Jul 2010
2996-v3 CHEP 2009 - Lustre File System Evaluation at FNAL Matt Crawford et al. High Performance Computing
Data Movement and Storage
21 Apr 2009
2703-v1 Tapes damaged in CMS order, PO 579998 Stan Naymola Data Movement and Storage
20 Feb 2009
2696-v10 Tactical Plan Status Reports (4) - Data Storage & Caching Matt Crawford et al. Tactical Plans
03 Jun 2008
521-v1 Batch Managers for HEP experiments using FNALU and interaction with the Grid Merina Albert et al. None
29 Oct 2005
1188-v1 Commodity Task force - Rack recommendations David Fagan et al. Node Procurement Task Force
19 Oct 2005
902-v1 Panasas System Design Note Stan Naymola Data Movement and Storage
01 Jul 2005
325-v1 CSS Reports Stan Naymola None
30 Jun 2004

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