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Connie Sieh of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
5848-v1 HEPiX Fall 2016 - Scientific Linux Status Update Bonnie King et al. Communications & Outreach
Shared Systems and Services
17 Oct 2016
5655-v1 CY15 - Q4 Linux at Fermilab Quarterly Meeting - Presentations Gerard Bernabeu et al. Scientific Computing Facilities
Scientific Linux
23 Nov 2015
5624-v1 Scientific Linux Status Update HEPiX Fall 2015 Kevin Hill et al. Scientific Computing Facilities
23 Nov 2015
5639-v1 ITIL Service Models in DAQ Computing HEPix Fall 2015 Glenn Cooper et al. Scientific Computing Facilities
27 Oct 2015
5234-v1 HEPiX Oct 2013 SL Status Report Pat Riehecky et al. Shared Systems and Services
25 Oct 2013
4720-v1 Update on Scientific Linux - HEPIX Connie Sieh Education and Outreach
Scientific Linux
29 Apr 2012
3436-v1 KCA Certificates for LINUX Firefox Connie Sieh Training & Education
Tune IT Up
28 Sep 2009
1446-v1 SLIP Design Note Troy Dawson et al. Apache
Computer Security
26 Oct 2006
1458-v1 Scientific Linux Overview Troy Dawson et al. Apache
26 Oct 2006
1643-v1 SL 5 Development Server Design Note Connie Sieh Apache
26 Oct 2006
816-v1 Scientific Linux Status Report Spring Hepix 2005 Marc Mengel et al. None
06 May 2005
716-v0 FNAL PC Patching Structure Troy Dawson et al. None
17 Mar 2005
456-v1 Patching PCs Matt Crawford et al. None
31 Jan 2005

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