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Ron Rechenmacher of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
5168-v1 TotalView Change Risk Classification Guidance Michael Kaiser et al. Change Risk Classification
01 Aug 2013
5730-v2 CHEP 2016 - artdaq: DAQ Software Development Made Simple Kurt Biery et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
24 Oct 2016
5543-v1 CHEP 2015 Poster: artdaq Kurt Biery et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
14 Apr 2015
5455-v1 Recent Developments in the Infrastructure and Use of artdaq Ron Rechenmacher Experiment/Scientific Program
21 Oct 2014
4513-v7 Application of Control System Studio for the NOvA Detector Control System Gennadiy Lukhanin et al. NOvA
21 Jun 2012
4509-v1 NOvA Event Building, Buffering, and Filtering within the DAQ System Andrew J Norman et al. NOvA
28 Oct 2011
2996-v3 CHEP 2009 - Lustre File System Evaluation at FNAL Matt Crawford et al. High Performance Computing
Data Movement and Storage
21 Apr 2009
2262-v1 Tools and Techniques for Managing Clusters for SciDAC Lattice QCD at Fermilab Donald Holmgren et al. Lattice QCD
27 Jun 2007
2191-v0 Lattice QCD Production on a Commodity Cluster at Fermilab Donald Holmgren et al. Collaboration Tools
14 Jun 2007
1740-v1 Lambda Station project: Presentation and paper for Gridnets2006 workshop Andrey Bobyshev et al. CS Office & Governance
04 Oct 2006
1538-v1 Package Management Proposal Marc Mengel et al. Collaboration Tools
26 May 2006
1255-v2 CHEP06 Lambda Station: Production Applications Exploiting Advanced Networks in Data Intensive High Energy Physics. Andrey Bobyshev et al. Networks
06 Mar 2006
1256-v6 CHEP06: Investigating the behavior of network aware applications with flow- based path selection. Andrey Bobyshev et al. Networks
09 Feb 2006
497-v2 WAN Emulation Development and Testing at Fermilab Andrey Bobyshev et al. None
20 Jan 2005
429-v1 Real Time-Linux Ron Rechenmacher DAQ
26 Jul 2004

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