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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
5773-v2 Scientific Computing at Fermilab Erica Snider Education and Outreach
07 Jul 2016
5765-v3 Recommendations for the LArSoft code analysis process Christopher D. Jones et al. LArSoft
01 Jul 2016
5766-v2 Report from the Pattern Matching Algorithnm code analysis Christopher D. Jones et al. LArSoft
01 Jul 2016
5722-v1 LArSoft: architecture, development model. Gianluca Petrillo et al. LArSoft
18 Apr 2016
5642-v1 Introduction to LArSoft Erica Snider LArSoft
29 Oct 2015
5479-v1 Statement of work and Steering Group Charge for the LArSoft Program Ruth Pordes et al. Shared Systems and Services
19 Apr 2015
3597-v7 NOvA MoU with the Computing Division (DEPRECATED - REPLACED BY DOCUMENT NUMBER 4768) Lee Lueking et al. NOvA
05 Oct 2013
4325-v1 SAM at the Intensity Frontier Robert Illingworth et al. Neutrino Program
02 May 2011
4171-v1 REX Services for remote sites of CDF Offline Stephan Lammel et al. CDF Run2
15 Nov 2010
3485-v0 Root Cause Analysis for PBI000000000057 CDF dCache prolonged outage incident 09/22/2009-09/23/2009 Angela Bellavance et al. Problem Management
09 Oct 2009
1761-v2 Disk Pool Review RAYMOND L CULBERTSON et al. CDF Run2
16 Feb 2010
3036-v1 The CDF CAF/Grid Monitoring System functional requirements Mark Fischler et al. CDF Run2
31 Dec 2008
1081-v1 CDF Requirements and budget Erica Snider None
17 Aug 2007
2207-v1 CDF Grid Strategy Stephan Lammel et al. CDF Run2
19 Jun 2007
1559-v2 Reducing REX department effort within the GDM area Glenn Cooper et al. Customer Services
High Performance Computing
10 Nov 2006
1504-v1 CDF raw data logger upgrade project Erica Snider Department Infrastructure
CDF Run2
02 Nov 2006
1015-v1 Run-II Task Force Status and Observations Erica Snider None
14 Sep 2005
761-v1 CDF Erica Snider None
11 Apr 2005
463-v1 Run II Computing Amber Boehnlein et al. None
29 Sep 2004
472-v1 CDF Erica Snider None
31 Aug 2004
384-v1 CDF Plan and Budget Erica Snider CDF Run2
09 Jul 2004
345-v0 CDF expectations for Grid/DM projects Erica Snider None
01 Jul 2004
270-v1 CDF Run2 Erica Snider CDF Run2
18 Jun 2004

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