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Igor Sfiligoi of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
2573-v5 OSE Baseline Mine Altunay et al. FermiGrid
11 Sep 2017
5069-v1 Cloud Bursting with Glideinwms: Means to satisfy ever increasing computing needs for Scientific Workflows Burt Holzman et al. High Performance Computing
Scientific Computing Facilities
31 Oct 2013
2986-v1 CHEP09 Abstract - An XACML profile and implementation for Authorization Interoperability between OSG and EGEE Mine Altunay et al. Grid
19 May 2009
2985-v1 CHEP09 Abstract - SVOPME: A Scalable Virtual Organization Privileges Management Environment Gabriele Garzoglio et al. Grid
19 May 2009
3199-v1 Condor WAN scalability improvements - A needed evolution to support the CMS compute model - - et al. Grid
28 Apr 2009
3112-v1 glideinWMS 101 for CDF Igor Sfiligoi OSG
CDF Run2
27 Feb 2009
3072-v1 Benchmark of glidein factory monitoring - Web presentation (v2_0_beta_4 and v1_6_beta_2) Igor Sfiligoi Grid
29 Jan 2009
3061-v2 Benchmark comparison for glidein factory monitoring between v1_6_beta_1 and v2_0_beta_2 (RRD files and locking) Igor Sfiligoi Grid
23 Jan 2009
2943-v1 Pilot Job Accounting and Auditing in Open Science Grid - - et al. OSG
07 Oct 2008
2781-v1 A Minimalistic Approach to End-to-End Protection of Grid Job Payloads Don Petravick et al. Grid
28 Jul 2008
2740-v1 GlideinWMS Explained Igor Sfiligoi OSG
Testbed and Grids
26 Jun 2008
2739-v1 GlideinWMS Igor Sfiligoi OSG
High Performance Computing
Testbed and Grids
26 Jun 2008
2667-v1 Pseudo-interactive monitoring in Condor Igor Sfiligoi OSG
01 May 2008
2582-v1 End-to-end security in the Grid - - et al. Computer Security
18 Jan 2008
2016-v2 FermiGrid submission to Teragrid 07 Dan Yocum et al. FermiGrid
03 Jan 2008
2489-v1 Workload Management System Burt Holzman et al. Grid
06 Nov 2007
2483-v1 Making Science in the Grid World: Using Glideins to Maximize Scientific Output Igor Sfiligoi High Performance Computing
Testbed and Grids
Dist Computing Applications
01 Nov 2007
2061-v2 Addressing the Pilot Security Problem With gLExec Igor Sfiligoi Grid
05 Oct 2007
2071-v1 A Quantitative Comparison Test of Workload Management Systems Burt Holzman et al. Testbed and Grids
05 Oct 2007
2444-v1 WMS Related Security Activities Igor Sfiligoi Grid
25 Sep 2007
2146-v1 Status of gLexec and LIGO Authentication project Igor Sfiligoi Grid
08 May 2007
2138-v1 Glidein Factories - Condor Week 2007 Igor Sfiligoi OSG
07 May 2007
2050-v1 Workload Management Systems Evaluation and Integration Burt Holzman et al. OSG
Testbed and Grids
13 Mar 2007
2048-v1 glideinWMS Igor Sfiligoi OSG
13 Mar 2007
2018-v1 XML Message between PEP and GUMS Igor Sfiligoi Grid
14 Feb 2007
1884-v1 GUMS, PRIMA gLexec Igor Sfiligoi CS Office & Governance
07 Nov 2006
1800-v1 gLite Authentication model - our understanding Igor Sfiligoi OSG
20 Oct 2006
1798-v1 Privilege Priject Component: GUMS Igor Sfiligoi OSG
20 Oct 2006
1796-v2 PRIMA presentation Vikram Andem et al. OSG
20 Oct 2006
1423-v2 GlideCAF Status Igor Sfiligoi CDF Run2
18 Apr 2006
1251-v2 Status of GlideCAF for CDF Igor Sfiligoi CDF Run2
08 Nov 2005

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